Benumb / Pig Destroyer — Split CD (2002)

14.05.2002  :: АрхивАрхив рецензий Автор: Chris Alfano

When the entire duration of any release clocks in at just over seven minutes, the more cynical minds among us might ask, «what’s the point?». To this question, I offer a counter-query: What does it matter? Whenever I’m treated to a thorough brain-siphoning of this magnitude, I tend not to concern myself with petty details. Benumb serves up three tracks of head-spinning blur-core that take the listener to a special place where idle time is spent flinging dirty syringes at human dartboards. There are no stylistic departures here, just pure, unadulterated grind. These tracks could easily have fit on either of the band’s full-length releases, which is my way of saying that further descriptions are pointless. The songs are all fast to the point near-indiscernability, but Benumb do what they do, and they do it well.

Pig Destroyer follows in much the same fashion, with seven tracks of amphetamine-driven pandemonium. There are a couple of instances where things slow down a bit, especially on the opening track («Hymns»), where guitarist Scott Hull slogs through a few bars of down-tuned drudgery (a la «Starbelly» from the «Prowler In The Yard» album) before pushing the pedal to the floor on «Task Master». The rest of Pig Destroyer’s set is executed at a similar pace, although the riffs retain a certain clarity that makes them all the more imposing. The band recorded these songs as a «warm up» session in early 2000, so it kind of puzzles me that they waited so long to release this stuff. Given the relative time frame, one might expect a sound that combines the raw brutality of «Explosions In Ward Six» with the more refined approach of the aforementioned «Prowler In The Yard». For the most part, such an assessment would be correct. Although I tend to scowl at the mere mention of Pig Destroyer recording a cover song, they do a decent rendition of The Dwarves «Fuck You Up And Get High». Of course, substituting an original in it’s place would have been nice, but I digress…

Overall, this is one disc that just beckons the listener to use their stereo’s auto-loop feature for a more sustained exercise in sonic abuse. Pick this up and get wrecked.

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