Corporation 187 — Subliminal Fear (2000)

20.04.2002  :: АрхивАрхив рецензий Автор: Chris Alfano

Ten seconds into this album’s first track, two words came to mind: The Haunted. To their credit, Corporation 187 has constructed a solid ten-song collection of well-written tunes that are quick (3-4 minutes each) and to-the-point. There are no noodling guitars, no subtle atmospheric textures, and no wasted notes. Guitarists Olof and Magnus are the focal point of this release, and both handle the task competently. Between the frantic riffing and near-absence of solos, this is one guitar tandem that leaves little to the imagination. Vocal duties are handled by Pelle Severin, whose repetitive, yet effective style is comparable to the barks and shouts of Peter Dolving (ex-The Haunted). I found this stuff to be a bit too derivative, but fans of Carnal Forge and (do I even need to say it?) The Haunted should find something worthwhile here.

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