Evoking The Hunger (Interview with Abhorrence)

30.11.2001  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Andrey Kugaevskiy

Brazil is well-known country in the extreme music underground for its savage and brutal death metal bands like Krisiun and Rebaelliun that always stay true to the roots of extreme music. Okay, I know, don’t tell me about Sepultura, every rule has to have at least one exception, right? But today we present you the interview with a band that is not a such exception, moreover, this band easily rivals the aforementioned gods of Brazilian «meatgrinding» death metal in terms of speed, brutality, sheer power and «true-to-the-roots» approach in their music and in their personal lives. Read on to learn what Rangel Arroyo, the guitarist and vocalist of the relatively new Brazilian death metal band called Abhorrence, had it store for us.

— (AK) Abhorrence is a relatively new name on the extreme music scene. What would you like to tell our readers about the history of the band?

— (RA) Well, I will give you a short bio… ABHORRENCE was formed in 1997 by me, Rangel Arroyo (guitar/voc), and Fernando Arroyo (drums). The band recorded the debut demo tape «Ascension» in November ’97. The following year, «Ascension» was released in CD format by Wild Rags. In ’99, ABHORRENCE record their 2nd demo called «Triumph In Blasphemy» (it was specifically featured on the «Brazilian Assault» compilation from Relapse in 2000). In this same year, ABHORRENCE signed a deal with Evil Vengeance Records (USA) to record the full lengh album «Evoking the Abomination», which was licensed to Listenable Recs for Europe.

— (AK) What meaning do you put in the name of the band? Who invented it? Were you trying to convey some particular idea or image to the fans or you used the name «Abhorrence» for any other reasons?

— (RA) I had decided to put forth the name ABHORRENCE for the band, and as you must know, this word means aversion, hate… I think that it shows what (our) band’s songs (sound like), as well as our active position against the holiness.

— (AK) How can you define the style of music you’re playing? Do you think that stylistic classification is still important for people nowadays, when a lot of bands mix seemingly unmixable styles? How would you described your music to a man who never heard you before? In my review I called your style «meatgrinding death metal»— what do you think of such a definition?

— (RA) Thanx for the meatgrinding Death Metal definition! I describe our music as extreme, fast, and evil. A lot of people gave us a type of definition like yours, which I think is great! But I define ABHORRENCE music as being just like total Death Metal. I think this classification of styles is important nowadays, as we have a lot of bands sounding like non-true metal, mixing shit styles and using the «Metal» word. In ABHORRENCE we´re playing just the true Metal!

— (AK) What music has inspired you to create the band? Have your tastes changed in any way since then? What are your musical influences and what music do you like to listen to in general? Anything outside extreme music?

— (RA) We have listened to Metal for over 10 years, so we were inspired by acts like Slayer and Morbid Angel when we created the band. We never changed our way, so our musical influences still are Slayer and Morbid Angel, as well as acts like Deicide, Venom, Krisiun, Dark Angel, Possessed… The only things (we listen to) outside of extreme Metal music are the old classic Metal albums from Iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc… also we listen to some things from jazz and the classical works that also are extreme in the skill and technical senses.

— (AK) What are your current favorite albums and musicians? Do they influence Abhorrence’s music in any significant way?

— (RA) Personally my favorite «all time» albums are «Altars…» and «Covenant» from Morbid Angel, and Slayer «Hell Awaits» and «Reign in Blood». The current favorites are: Krisiun «Black Force Domain», Angelcorpse «The Inexorable», Centurian «Choronzonic Chaos Gods», etc… About the musicians we apreciate, there’s Trey and Pete from Morbid Angel, all the guys from our brothers Krisiun, Gene Hoglan, Dave Lombardo, King and Hanneman, Glen Benton, Cronos and Mantas, Lemmy and Motorhead, etc. I think that every band or these musicians had inflenced us a lot in someway.

— (AK) Who is the main songwriter and who writes the lyrics? Do you write music first or you base it on already existing lyrics?

— (RA) We don’t have a rule when writing lyrics or songs, sometimes we’ve done the song first, or the lyrics first. All guys have their importance when writing a song. I’ve written all guitar riffs and lyrics from the «Evoking…» album. Nowdays, I’m sharing the lyric duties with bassist/vocalist Marcello, as well (as with) Fernando on the drums when writing songs too.

— (AK) I didn’t have a chance to read the lyrics to «Evoking The Abomination» — what are they about? Are the lyrics as important for you as the music? Do you consider vocals to be just another instrument or they’re something more than that?

— (RA) I think that the vocals are very important to the music; they can help you to feel what the music means and what it brings to you when you listen to it. The lyrics are the same way. Abhorrence lyrics are about the apocalyptic revenge, the destruction of the human fallacy, and the downfall of holy false idols.

— (AK) Are you satisfied with your debut album? What would you have improved if you had a chance to? What was the reaction of press and fans after they heard «Evoking The Abomination»? Did your label promote it well enough in your opinion?

— (RA) I must say that we are totally satisfied with the debut album, and with everyone surrounding it. Maybe if we had a chance, we would like to improve the recording of our tunes, but we are satisfied that all that was possible to do for this release was done! I think that for a debut album the promotion here is very good. Still we are a very underground Death Metal band, but the reaction of the press and the fans is great.

— (AK) I’ve heard that Abhorrence has recently changed the line-up — who have you replaced and what was the reason?

— (RA) Yes, the ABHORRENCE line-up nowadays is: Fernando Arroyo (drums), Rangel Arroyo (guitars), and Marcello Marzari (bass/vocal) replacing Kleber Varnier. The reason for ABHORRENCE kicking out Kleber was personal troubles. Anyway, we are still friends. He did a lot for the band in the beginning, but nowdays the band with the new line-up is better than before.

— (AK) Can you tell me why all Brazilian bands seem to have three members with two of them being brothers? :)

— (RA) There are some three-piece bands like ABHORRENCE and Krisiun formed by brothers, but do not generalize! It is not intentional. We like to look like three-piece acts (such as) old Venom, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction… also we like to work this way.

— (AK) What do you like more — to tour, to do local shows or to work in the studio?

— (RA) I think that playing in local shows or touring is the better in all senses. You just play like an insane person, feeling the energy of the crowd. In the studio is just concentration and stress.

— (AK) Do you put any particular meaning in album covers or you just find the picture that looks good and will probably fit the concept?

— (RA) All ABHORRENCE releases have a meaning in the cover artwork. [Yeah, I remember my rant dedicated to «Evoking…» cover… *lol* —AK]

— (AK) Back to one of my previous questions — what do you think about the tendency to mix styles in contemporary extreme music?

— (RA) We do not like it. You can’t lose the real essence, means and roots of Metal, so the only one that is doing good and that we appreciate is Nile!

— (AK) What do you think of the bands that use gory lyrics and gory imaginery? Do you think that it’s simply childish and immature, or you think that such lyrics and imaginery might bear some higher meaning?

— (RA) I like some of them, but I’m not a total fan of splatter. I think it is good; somehow they show the rotting face of human existence too, not as an immature or childish meaning, but maybe like in an entertaining way.

— (AK) What was the most shocking listening experience you’ve ever had?

— (RA) «Altars Of Madness» the first time I listened when it arrived in the store here!

— (AK) Can you share with me the secret of Abhorrence’s speed and relentlessness? How do you manage to play that fast for that long?

— (RA) To do it, a lot of concentration is needed. Also you need dedication and training to stand with the same punch all the time when handling the instrument. The secret of ABHORRENCE’s speed is the feeling of evil fury with a mighty potential to play Death Metal.

— (AK) After Slayer’s «Reign In Blood» was out, a lot of people were saying that it’s not possible to play any faster. Now we have the bands like Cryptopsy, Rotting Flesh, Origin, and you guys that play faster… much faster. Do you think that there’s a limit of speed and intensity to reach? Is it possible for you to play even faster?

— (RA) The times have proven to us that there’s not a limit for the speed or intensity. It is always possible to play even more fast once you improve the skills and techniques for keeping the same spirit of merciless intensity.

— (AK) I bet a lot of people compare you with your fellow countrymen Krisiun — what do you feel about such a comparison? Do you take it as a compliment or as an insult?

— (RA) Ok, bands like Krisiun, Morbid Angel, or Slayer are some of our great and direct influences. I think that our music will soar similarly. Many guys even compare us with these bands, but we don’t really worry. I must tell you, one of our real ambitions is to turn ABHORRENCE into a progression of these acts: real followers of vengeance, chaos, and devastation. I agree that we aren’t so original, but we are a young band. We have the hunger, and I’m sure that we’ll improve our style with the run of time. Sometimes I can’t understand why so many people worry about comparing the bands instead of worrying about highlighting the spirit and attitude of those here who are playing Metal with a true hellish metalheart to bring downfall to the wimps.

— (AK) What are your thoughts about narcotics? Drinks? What do you think about using drugs as «creativity steroids»? Do you play drunk/stoned sometimes?

— (RA) We do not use drugs, and do not play drunk/stoned… We just use drinks to feast after the mission is complete.

— (AK) What do you think about the current state of extreme music scene? Do you care about politics? Do you think that there is no place for politics in extreme music? What do you think about the future of the extreme music scene?

— (RA) I do not care about politics, but we like the politics of old acts like Terrorizer, Napalm Death, and the debut of Brutal Truth is great too! About the current extreme metal scene, I think we are living in a deluge [wow! —AK] of metal bands. Anyway, great promising bands are rising, so we’ll have a promising future for extreme music as well.

— (AK) What were the bands you’ve toured with? What was the relationship with them? What bands would you like to tour with one more time? Any bands you’ve never toured with, but you’d like to?

— (RA) Until now, we’ve not toured. As you know, we’ve crossed the troubles with (our) line-up, so we must be promoting the «Evoking…» album. We’ll be playing on stages next year, once our plans to do the promotional tour to «Evoking the Abomination» go down. About the bands we’d like to share the stages with, we would like to play with all those who play like insane beasts, bringing a holocaustic conflagration in front of the stages! It’s hard to highlight them, but bands like Centurian, Diabolic, Ophiolatry (our labelmates!), Nile, Ravager… this would be a perfect storm!

— (AK) Are you satisfied with your current label’s Abhorrence-related activity? How did you come in contact with them?

— (RA) Sure, both labels have done as good as possible. About the contact, Gene from Evil Vengeance Records (label of Angelcorpse’s former guitarist) had contacted us a bit before the release of our «Triumph In Blasphemy» demo. He told us about his plans to start the label and showed interest in signing the band… Evil Vengeance Recs. made a good offer to ABHORRENCE. So it was enough for us to sign with them and release the «Evoking the Abomination» album through them. About Listenable Records, well, when they had contacted us about their interest in the band, ABHORRENCE already had signed the deal with Evil Vengeance Recs. (USA) to release the album. So Listenable got a deal with Evil Vengeance to license the album for Europe. We are proud to be working with both labels, and we hope that the ABHORRENCE album brings a great response to these labels and to the band as well!

— (AK) What are your favorite Abhorrence songs?

— (RA) Songs like «Abattoir», «Triumph In Blasphemy», and «Evoking The Abomination» are some of my fave tracks.

— (AK) What are your thoughts about the Internet? Does Internet help or hurt the bands? What do you think about mp3s and Napster?

— (RA) I think it is good, and it has helped us a lot when promoting ABHORRENCE. Everything that is used badly can hurt people, so the internet is not different. About mp3s, I think it is great! I first heard a lot of bands thru it, so it is a type of promotion, as well as Napster. I think that the fans of the bands will not stop buying CDs because of programs like this.

— (AK) What do the band members do in their free time? Do you rehearse a lot? Is it possible for Abhorrence to earn their living by only playing the music?

— (RA) We have rehearsed a lot these last times, but normally we rehearsed 3 time a week. In the free time, we have a lot to do, letters, e-mails, interviews… It’s impossible for us live just by ABHORRENCE; everyone works outside of the band to conquer the conditions and survive day by day.

— (AK) What can you say about your (anti)religious position? What about other band members? Does it play a significant part in the band?

— (RA) It came from our father, who always taught us to march upon the line, without following any religions [A very wise man, indeed! —CA]. We live in a place surrounded by churches here. Our city, as well as (our entire) country has a lot of these damned temples. This is a way to conquer money easily from the weak. They sell Jesus’ name, and the heavens as «merchandise», while their «industries» stand rich with all gold and cash from the masses here. The people are fooled. They are poor and suffering! All in the band live in the same way, and as you can see, it is a significant part of the band.

— (AK) If you were told that there are 24 hours left before the end of the world, how would you’ve spend these 24 hours?

— (RA) Making sex.

— (AK) Your dearest dream?

— (RA) A bedroom full of pleasant girls!

— (AK) What do you know about Russia? What Russian bands do you know?

— (RA) Sorry, friend, but I am unhappy to say that I know few bands around there. From your general area, I know bands like Krabathor and Dementor, and besides Deluge, the Legion Mag. So please let me hear from all bands and fans from there.

— (AK) If you would have ever had a chance to go back and change something that happened or not happened, what would you have changed in the history of Abhorrence?

— (RA) In 98 to 99, the band stopped all activities due to bad financial conditions… We had to travel and search for jobs out of the city, so when we returned in November, we recorded the «Triumph In Blasphemy» demo without rehearsing it. So if I had the chance to go back and change something, it would be those bad, hard times. To have a Death Metal band here in Brazil is a mission for the strongest. You have to confront many things to stand high, or so fall.

— (AK) What are your plans on future? What about other band members?

— (RA) I and my brothers from ABHORRENCE hope to live doing what we like and believe; to keep playing the most extreme metal style, to stand high burning the flames of true Metal, to raise the flag of Death Metal on the stages of all countries, and to release albums of extreme demonic savagery.

— (AK) How would you like the fans of Abhorrence to remember you?

— (RA) We would like to be remembered just as a total true Death Metal band. This will be enough for us!

— (AK) Any questions I didn’t ask that you wish I had?

— (RA) Just about anyone that wants be updated about ABHORRENCE, check on the site www.siage.com.br/abhorrence.htm there you’ll find info about merchandise, news, and other stuff.

— (AK) Any final words for the readers?

— (RA) Thanx friend, your support is great for us! Good luck, and keep supporting the Metal underground!!! DEATH METAL RULES SUPREME!!! 666

— (AK) Hell yeah! Deluge stuff wishes the best of luck to you guys — waiting for your next album!
Visit official Abhorrence site @ www.siage.com.br/abhorrence.htm
Visit Listenable Records site @ www.listenable.net

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