Exploding Meth Lab — Supplicant (2005)

03.06.2005  :: АрхивАрхив рецензий Автор: Chris Alfano

Only in the fertile grind-gardens of Virginia can one expect to uncover a noise project that claims the likes of Merzbow and The Gerogerogegege as influences. Enter Exploding Meth Lab, a duo whose members were previously affiliated with such acts as Enemy Soil, Blower, and The Index. After one listen, it becomes obvious that EML has effectively transcended such genre tags as «harsh electronic noise» and «power electronics» (and whatever else the art students are listening to these days). Forgive my penchant for alliteration, but «Supplicant» is best described as an eight-minute mind massacre that drops megaton blasts of free-form static over semi-musical passages and swirling interference patterns. Occasional death-belches rise to mark key moments in this cacophonous firestorm, but EML keeps the distinctly «human» elements to a minimum. For added effect, samples from the speeches of L. Ron Hubbard are littered throughout the mix to lend a sense of contextual eeriness that is incredibly stark and unsettling.

While my sharp criticism of Fantomas’ Delirium Cordia may have suggested that I.m not a fan of avant-garde sound experiments, I can certainly appreciate EML’s forays into said territory. Where Patton and Co. seemed to be coaxing their way into listeners. heads (before raping them from within), EML cuts the sweet talk and jumps straight to the sodomy. For more info, e-mail Mason at: mcarlton8174[AT]netzero.net

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