Silence Erebus — Silence Erebus (2001)

30.12.2001  :: АрхивАрхив рецензий Автор: Chris Alfano

For the second time in as many months, I’m finding that my former opinion on the current breed of melodic death metal bands needs serious reconsideration. Last time, it was Serberus that had me swallowing every cynical word. This time, it’s a Rhode Island based band known as Silence Erebus. This young quintet has successfully delivered a jolt to the stagnant corpse of Euro-inspired death metal, and I may just have to bite my tongue at my next opportunity to dismiss the entire genre as a loose collection of third-rate clones.

The production on this disc is a little too trebly for my tastes, but all is forgiven once the sharp riffs and solid interplay between guitarists Sly and Josh comes to the forefront, establishing a considerable threat of things to come. This is not to discredit the compelling performance of drummer Maggot (who impresses with an aggressive, yet tightly-calculated attack), or the appropriately throaty, rasp-inflected vocalizations of singer Corey, both of whom proves to be an integral part of Silence Erebus’ agenda. My only complaint is that the bass lines (played by a guy named Joseph) are regrettably suffocated under the weight of the mix. While the bass can be heard clearly during the band’s quieter moments, it disappears as soon as things are cranked up a notch. In all fairness, this is a common problem that affects many bands (veteran and otherwise), so I’m content to overlook it. Hopefully, this is something SE will improve upon in the future, as the bass lines actually sound quite good when they are audible.

Along with the harmonized guitar melodies and super-charged riffs that you would expect from a band of this ilk, Silence Erebus also incorporate well-timed breaks in their songs which employ clean guitars and whispered vocals to create a suitably eerie ambience. Furthermore, the lyrics are a welcome departure from the mundane gibberish I’ve been hearing a lot of lately. Where most bands seem to view their lyrics as a mere accessory, SE display maturity that goes beyond their years. The topics explored are nothing new or unusual, but they are handled competently, and with a sense of aesthetic. With cover art that further displays the band’s commitment to professionalism, I predict a bright future for these guys. All three of these demo tracks are available at, so head over there and commence downloading!

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