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*очень задумчиво* Глядя на дискографию «Малинового Короля» (http://www.elephant-talk.com/discog/fripp/indexk.html) понимаешь, что King Crimson — это диагноз…

… а ещё неволько вспоминаешь рецензию на Slayer «God Hates Us All» в одном замечательном, но уже несколько лет как фактически прекратившим своё существование журнале:

King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp, when asked to explain the long periods of time between Crim albums, responded that his band puts out new material when he thinks the world «needs it.» This is conceit to a degree — who the hell needed The Construckction of Light? — but also apt, when you consider albums like Discipline or Thrak.

Slayer, as improbable as it may seem, has a lot in common with King Crimson. Both bands takes years to record new albums. As Fripp did when 1994’s Thrak dropped, the boys in Slayer made a big hullabaloo when they released 1998’s Diabolus in Musica. We’re angry again, they said. The world needs Slayer again, they trumpeted. Everything out there is bullshit, they belched. We’re bad, we’re back, we’re Slaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeerrrrrrr!

Too bad Diabolus in Musica was a God-awful piece of shit; easily the worst album Slayer produced since its silly 1983 debut, Show No Mercy. Sad that, like Crim’s The Construcktion of Light, Diabolus crystallized a once-mighty band that had become sallow, caught in its own formula, and almost completely invalid.

On the Crim side of things, there will forever be hordes of virgin dorks who worship Fripp, Tony Levin and whoever and analyze every note they play. It’s convenient for bands like Crimson, now falling down that dinosaur hole cluttered with the remains of Yes, Journey, etc. — these dweebs will insure that they can continue to put out bullshit every four years and it will be purchased. Think of it as a 401K plan that uses former brilliance to carry mediocrity ad infinitum. Likewise, Slayer is banking upon legions of beer-swilling morons who like to hunt, drive pick-up trucks and sing along to Reign in Blood. It’s actually rather sad. A huge portion of Metallica’s fanbase jumped ship when Load was pooped onto the world — why can’t Slayer fans follow suit?

Don’t ask me. I actually bought Diabolus in Musica, The Construcktion of Light, and Slayer’s newest snoozefest, God Hates Us All. [No, I’m not a virgin, and I drive a Saturn, thanks.]

(далее только про Slayer, вырезано)


*уходит слушать Esoteric*

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