Old-school Extreme Metal Arriving on a Katafalk (Interview with Chris from Katafalk)

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Disclaimer: this interview was conducted, like, a billion years ago or so, and since I’ve been very busy with, erm, stuff (don’t ask…), it’s only today (~1,5 years later) when I finally found time to dig it up, edit it and post. Sorry for the delay, guys. If you didn’t read my Katafalk review (and you probably didn’t, because I haven’t translated it in English :q), this band plays «old-school extreme metal» — and does it pretty good, mind you! If you like stuff like Angel Corpse, Dissection and Defleshed, and you still haven’t checked this band, shame on you, go and buy «Storm Of The Horde» immediately. As a side note for Russian readers: CD-Maximum has issued this CD under license from Cold Blood Industries about a year ago, so you can still find it if you really try. Okay, enough with the introduction, let’s get to the interview itself.

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Shifting Continuums and Paradigmatic Soundscapes: A Talk With Ferrara Brain Pan (Forms of Things Unknown)

30.12.2003  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I must express my dismay at the number of mediocre band interviews that zine editors are willing to print these days. What s worse is that few (if any) seem concerned about the endless string of mundane, noncommital answers that run continuously from one interview to the next. It s only when they are confronted with a truly demanding set of questions that bands are forced to come out of their shell and start talking in earnest. However, there exists an exceptional minority of musicians who don t require a highly provocative, in-your-face set of queries in order to get the ball rolling. We are glad to report that Ferrara Brain Pan is one such musician. For the appropriate background info, be sure to check out our review of Brain Pan s latest project (Forms Of Things Unknown) and check out his website (http://www.formsofthingsunknown.com). Furthermore, it might help some of you to check out the New Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (http://www.gepr.net) for relevant info on some of the more esoteric musical movements that Ferrara refers to throughout the interview.

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Progressive Shades of Brutality — A Talk With Sceptic’s Jacek Hiro (Interview with Sceptic)

18.06.2002  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

It brings me joy to finally present this interview, which was almost six months in the making. After several communication mishaps and innumerable delays, I now present a most informative conversation with Sceptic guitarist and founding member Jacek Hiro. My appreciation of this band’s technically-adept, yet intriguingly melodic take on death metal is well documented in these pages. Thus, I found it interesting that some of my critical remarks (whether positive or negative) were validated by Jacek himself in the ensuing discussion. While the members of Sceptic are undoubtedly in the midst of a difficult time in their careers, I found Jacek to be rather optimistic (albeit very honest) in his responses. Fans of Death, Cynic, and Nocturnus take heed: if you buy just one import CD for the entire year, let it be either «Blind Existence» or «Pathetic Being»!

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Ад, Рай, Арт-Дэт и Свобода (Интервью с Soulrest)

17.04.2002  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Andrey Kugaevskiy :. Нет мнений >

Мы все привыкли к тому, что экстремальная музыка, как правило, является весьма агрессивной не только по своей природе, но и по её подаче музыкантами слушателям. Даже в музыке самых заунывных, медленных и печальных дум-групп нет того, чего иногда так хочется изнурённой костоломным дэтграйндом и мозгоперемалывающим матметалкором душе — спокойствия и созерцательности. Много ли вы можете назвать металлических команд, слушая которые действительно отдыхаешь душой? А много ли вам знакомо экстремальных команд, играющих спокойную и созерцательную, но в то же время не фоновую музыку? После развала великих Cynic я долго искал комаду, способную явить этому миру что-нибудь подобное, и только украинская группа Soulrest смогла дать мне то, что я так долго искал — красивую, запоминающуюся, безмятежную, спокойную (но в то же время местами достаточно агрессивную), сложную, оригинальную по атмосфере музыку, которая вместо того, чтобы напрягать, расслабляет и приносит покой. После знакомства с замечательнейшим вторым альбомом Soulrest, мне особенно приятно представить вашему вниманию мою беседу с группой, представленной Иваном Перешем, одним из основателей и «главных людей» Soulrest, ответы которого прекрасно передают настроение самой группы:

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Human Enraged — A Case Against Drugs, Abortion, Society and Science in Wrong Hands (Interview with Homo Iratus)

17.04.2002  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Andrey Kugaevskiy :. Нет мнений >

Anger is one of the strongest feelings human beings can have. While generally being considered a not very productive thing, it often opens a lot of eyes and shows that something is wrong and that things should better change for good. Anger is not an attempt to solve the problem, it’s a display, a flashing warning for the clueless. xEven if you’re blind, Homo Iratus, a young Greek band whose debut album «Human Consumes Human» got praises from all minor and major extreme music publications, will make you know what’s wrong with our world today — these guys are young, smart, reflective, caring and angry. VERY angry… Need proof? Check out this interview with the band’s bass-player, Aggelos!

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Iconoclastic Cornfields: Confessions from Stump Sauce Ltd. CEO Assface Pissneck (Interview with Stump Sauce Ltd)

17.04.2002  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

With such trendsetting outfits as Cannibal Horse and Amoebic Dysentery accenting its roster, the underground entity known as Stump Sauce Ltd. needs little introduction. Given the mysterious and semi-reclusive existence of its two founders, we at Deluge feel privileged to have been granted an interview with label head/general scene icon Assface Pissneck. As he explains in the following interview, things haven’t always been cushy for him and assistant Baron von Blastbeat. Few of us could withstand the sheer frustration these guys have experienced, be it indifference from the very fans they serve, or having one of their premier acts pulled from a major festival bill. However, true to their {mission statement}, the men of SSL have forged on to fight another day. Strap on your helmet and hold on tight…Herr Pissneck has entered the house! [Translation: TAKE COVER, FUCKERS!!! —AK]

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Seanocidal Fury — Haisha’s Sean Hogan Goes Off (Interview with Sean Hogan / Haisha)

01.12.2001  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

After staring at this blank screen for over thirty minutes, I have come to the conclusion that characterizing Sean «Seanocide» Hogan is like pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers. In fact, half the battle is knowing where to start. Shall I begin by describing his role as the mastermind behind a Los Angeles-based thrashcore outfit known as Haisha? Or would it be better to start off with some comments on Traitor, his semi-periodic fanzine which rivals Chris Dodge’s Short, Fast, and Loud for brutally honest reviews and sharp-tongued commentary? Then again, there’s always the little prank that Sean pulled on Relapse Records a few years ago…

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Evoking The Hunger (Interview with Abhorrence)

30.11.2001  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Andrey Kugaevskiy :. Нет мнений >

Brazil is well-known country in the extreme music underground for its savage and brutal death metal bands like Krisiun and Rebaelliun that always stay true to the roots of extreme music. Okay, I know, don’t tell me about Sepultura, every rule has to have at least one exception, right? But today we present you the interview with a band that is not a such exception, moreover, this band easily rivals the aforementioned gods of Brazilian «meatgrinding» death metal in terms of speed, brutality, sheer power and «true-to-the-roots» approach in their music and in their personal lives. Read on to learn what Rangel Arroyo, the guitarist and vocalist of the relatively new Brazilian death metal band called Abhorrence, had it store for us.

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A Tale Of Two Chrises (Interview with Internal Bleeding)

30.11.2001  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

Upon receiving the contact info for Internal Bleeding guitarist/founder Chris Pervelis, I was overcome with apprehension. In all my years of combing through one metal publication after another, I had seen (at most) a small handful of articles on his band, and I figured there had to be reason. Maybe Chris was hard get a hold of. Maybe he was a reclusive introvert who shunned the media. Perhaps he was just difficult to interview (we know the feeling…). But then again, it could have been something more serious. For one thing, I had yet to see a picture of him where he wasn’t scowling at the camera as if that roll of film would be the photographer’s last. Then there were the interviews. They were few in number, but I remembered Chris coming across as a confident, outspoken individual who wasn’t afraid to let his more sociopathic side take over as needed. Don’t get me wrong — I think everyone has a «sociopathic» side. But with Chris, it was the element of control that I found intriguing. Sure, there were certain topics that were guaranteed to set him off. But as soon as the next question rolled around, it was forgotten about. There was no residual passion or rage. He would proceed to answer all subsequent queries with a clear head; almost as if a new interview had begun.

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A Decade Of Subversion: Richard Johnson Sets The Record Straight (Interview with Richard Johnson (ex-Enemy Soil, presently of The Index))

11.11.2001  :: АрхивАрхив интервью Автор: Chris Alfano :. Нет мнений >

Had the thought crossed my mind six months ago that I would be sitting here now, putting the finishing touches on an interview I conducted with former Enemy Soil guitarist and founding member Richard Johnson, I would have dismissed it as wishful thinking. I guess karma has a way of panning out, because here I am, excitedly banging away at my keyboard with more giddiness and enthusiaыm than I’ve experienced in… well, it’s been awhile. Let’s just keep it at that.

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